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Becoming Best Friends for Life

What better way to build a strong connection between kids and dogs than playing together?

 boy and dog

Who is this for?

Firstly, it's for you, the parent!
You're no doubt looking for ways to keep your children and your dog occupied and entertained during a long summer holiday following an even longer period at home!

The course is suitable for children aged from about 5 to 13 years old.
With a mix of games, things to make and cook and interesting facts about their furry friend, there's hours of fun to be had.

And it's for your dog (or dogs)
who will love the treats being baked, the toys created and the fun games they'll learn to play with your children.


What's in the Course?

Dive in and you'll find a mix of over 30 activities ranging from dog training and playing games to creative fun. There's also a section to teach children a little more about their family pet.

Dog Home School for Kids includes:

  • Cooking treats, cup cakes and doggie burgers
  • Learning about a dog's senses and how they use them
  • Making toys for your dog and personalised paw print gifts for friends and family
  • Playing hide and seek and agility
  • Teaching your dog to play football and high five!
  • SPECIAL BONUS – the clicker game for all the family to play together

Here's a video taster



Pick & Mix

You and your children can choose any game or task from the selection available to play or create in your own home.

Mobile friendly — free Apple or Android app included

The clicker training game that all the family can play together

showing you how to play the games, cook the treats and make stuff for your dog

additional ideas andwith step by step guidance

from Vicky Carne,
The Dog Coach in our dedicated Facebook group (for parents)

"We would highly recommend this programme. We learnt lots of new and interesting things we didn't know about dogs already and we absolutely loved the recipes for creating treats and the bottle toy. Harley our Cockapoo really enjoyed playing the games and we did too!"

Olivia (Age 11) & Louie (Age 10)
with Harley the Cockapoo

Welcome, I'm Vicky Carne, The Dog Coach

We may already have met via my online courses for new puppy owners. In the current extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, many more owners are turning to online training.

In response to this, I worked with other leading dog trainers to launch Dog Home School and now, in time for the summer holidays, Dog Home School for Kids. 

It's all online, where you need it now. And I'll be dropping by via our Facebook group to answer any queries and provide additional tips and advice.


I'm delighted to introduce the main trainer in our Kids course, Laura Carter of Dog Owner Training School based in Kent in the UK. With the help of her twin daughters Olivia and Kiera, she will be showing you and your children how to build a great bond with your dog while having fun. 

She is joined by Justyna Marszalek of Me and My Dog Academy in Dorset in the UK. Alongside dog training and behavioural work, Justyna has been running dog toy making workshops locally.

Her view is "Why spend a fortune on new toys and enrichment games for your dog when you and your kids can make them yourselves and have fun doing it?!"


Really, almost all the lessons in this course are suitable for a children from about 5 to 13.

All interactions between children and dogs should be supervised, and the level of active participation from you, the grown up, will of course, depend on the age of your child.

Most of Dog Home School for Kids will be suitable for any age from puppy to older dog. However, be careful not to overdo the amount of time spent training or playing with a young puppy or much older dog. And no games jumping over things for young puppies!

Yes, as soon as you buy the course you'll be able to login and access any and all of the lessons at any time.

Effectively, yes. You have 7 days to change your mind. I want to make buying the course as easy a decision as possible. If, within 7 days of buying it, you decide this course isn't for you, just email to ask for your money back and you'll be refunded. No questions asked. (Of course, you'll no longer be able to access Dog Home School for Kids).

What's Included

All for consumption by your dog (although not all at once, of course)!

  • Training Treats
  • Live Cup Cakes
  • Cheddar & Apple Biscuits
  • Ice Cream for Dogs
  • Doggie Burger in a Kong
  • Flapjacks


  • Dog Senses – a world of smells
  • How Dogs Learn (1)
  • What do you know about different breeds?
  • How Dogs Learn (2)
  • Learn to Speak Dog



  • Make Your Own Treat Bag
  • Salt Dough Paw Prints
  • Wobble Toy
  • Tug Toy
  • Treasure Box
  • Squeaky Heart
  • Food Snake


  • Runaway Recalls
  • Find the Treats (or Toys)
  • Hide & Seek
  • Home Grown Agility
  • The Hot & Cold Game
  • Teach Your Dog to Play Football
  • Hand Touch
  • Middle
  • Give a Paw (or High Five)
  • Spin

An introduction to clicker training. Includes the game all the family can play (without the dog) that helps you become a better dog trainer!

7 Day Money Back Guarantee
I want to show as many owners as possible how to have the best relationship with their dog. But I understand that an online course may seem like a risk. So, to remove that worry, if for any reason you decide it's not for you, just email [email protected] within 7 days of purchase and you'll be refunded straightaway. No questions asked. Consider it your 7 day trial, completely risk-free. Vicky Carne, The Dog Coach

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