Want your energetic and playful new puppy to behave better?

Finally! An Easy Approach To Motivating Your Puppy To Listen and Learn Quickly

(So you can avoid chaos and have more time for fun) 


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Attention New Puppy Owner or Puppy Owner-To-Be!

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for the whole family. This impossibly cute and energetic bundle of fun is destined to be your take-anywhere companion. You're looking forward to enjoying walks, playing games and maybe teaching your new BFF a few tricks to amuse and amaze your friends and family. 

But here's the truth – there will be challenges along the way.

      • Your first is likely to be how to stop your puppy using the whole house as a toilet!
      • And there's the biting – we all know puppies chew everything and bite in play. (You do, don't you?) But do you know how to stop it?
      • How on earth do you find the time to train your puppy, let alone have fun, when you seem to spend so much of it clearing up one disaster after another!
      • Like many new owners, I bet there's that niggling worry that, if you don't get it right, you'll be permanently apologising for your dog's future behaviour, and wondering where it all went wrong.
      • You bought your puppy hoping for a great companion for all the family but there's work to do, starting now! 

Does the following resonate with you? 

    • You've been feeling a little panicky because the puppy's home and you realise you're simply not sure what you should be doing.
    • You're constantly second guessing yourself, wondering if you're doing it right?
    • Maybe you've never have had a puppy before, and you simply don't know if you have the right knowledge to train, socialise and ensure your puppy is happy and healthy.
    • Or, you're frustrated from searching Google and receiving conflicting or even plain wrong advice that's just making you even more anxious.

Don't ignore these problems.
It can get worse!

More than a decade ago, before I became a dog trainer, I was where you are now.

I remember it well: my dog barking at all hours, constant complaints from neighbours, late for appointments because I couldn't catch him ... I dreaded walking the dog because he just wouldn't come back when called and that was just the half of it.

En route there would inevitably be stolen sandwiches to replace, muddy paws spoiling the clothes of friends and strangers alike, not to mention the chewed furniture, shoes and toys!

Nowadays, all too often I'm contacted by well-meaning owners of dogs of six months plus, at their wits end. They started out with the best intentions but lack of time and knowledge meant their dream puppy has turned into an adolescent nightmare.

Sadly, it's a common time for young dogs to end up in rescue — when their owners realise they can't cope.

However, all this can be avoided

I'll show you how to establish good habits before your puppy can learn bad ones!

My proprietary three-part P.U.P. plan takes you from initial Preparation through Understanding to putting it all into Practice in a very short space of time.

And along the way you'll develop a mutual understanding and strong, growing bond.

  • With just a few minutes training a day, I'll show you how to transform your puppy into a happy, obedient, family companion to be proud of.

  • You'll have the confidence and capabilities to quickly train your puppy yourself. 
  • And everything you need to transform chaotic life-with-a-puppy into the calm, obedient yet playful dog who hangs on your every word ...
  • All delivered step-by-step method for motivating your puppy to want to learn from you, to listen, and most importantly obey you in a fun, natural and loving way.

What People Are Saying About My Training ...

"Her training methods work. Simba is a very happy puppy."

Simba sits, lies down, doesn't jump up, comes to the whistle and voice and is perfectly house-trained. Vicky's training methods work and Simba is a very happy puppy who likes to please.

Santa Montefiore
& Simba the Labrador

"[It's]helped me feel more confident — highly recommended."

Puppy Home School has been a great help in the early weeks of having a puppy. As a new owner, I didn't know anything about puppy training but it's helped me feel more confident.

Hilary Kirkbride 
& Rory the Cocker Spaniel

"The course is really easy to use ... funny, light and entertaining"

It gives a very true insight into the reality of owning and training a puppy. The course is really easy to use ... funny, light and entertaining. I would highly recommend it for anyone getting a puppy.

Kirsty Chapman
& Dotty the Pug

Hi, I'm Vicky Carne, The Dog Coach

For the past 10 years, I've run puppy classes, had many puppies to stay for residential training, and worked one-to-one with hundreds of dogs and their owners.

Before that, I too lived through the ups and downs (and frequent embarrassments) all too familiar to many dog owners.

The arrival eleven years ago of Cory, my gorgeous but seemingly incorrigible Labradoodle coincided with a break from my previous career in publishing and technology, and I decided to do something about it!

I took courses with some of the best teachers of modern dog training methods. And that 'something' became such a passion that I began teaching others.

So, I've designed the course I wish I'd had all those years ago...

Puppy Home School

This online course is going to give you everything you need to transform your life with your puppy.

It's specially designed so that busy new puppy owners can benefit from the best positive, relationship-building modern training methods quickly and easily.

  • Short videos are accompanied by step-by-step guides, giving you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it.
  •  It ensures you're at least one paw ahead of your puppy at all times.
  • You'll discover how my three-part P.U.P. plan will help you train your puppy without turning your life upside down! It stands for:


The first 'P' is for Preparation. And in the Pre-School Prep module, you'll quickly learn how to manage both your puppy and the environment so that you set your puppy up for rapid success.


'U' is for Understanding. In a few short videos, Training 101 cracks the code on modern training methods for you. You will know the best ways to train your puppy – and the mistakes to avoid.


This 'P' is for Practice. In Play School you'll put it all into practice, deepening your relationship, creating a lifelong bond and a puppy who loves to play and to learn with you,

What’s Covered In This Course?

Module 1: Stress Free Puppy Preparation

In this first module I'll show you the secret to building good habits whilst limiting the chaos and still having time for all the fun stuff and plenty of cuddles!

  • The #1 thing most people fail to do when bringing a puppy home.
  • You'll discover how to speed up house-training and get through those first nights.
  • And how, with the right management, you can save many hours of training. 

Module 2:

Training 101 — Understanding
The Art and the Science (+ a little bit of magic and lots of love)

I'll be your coach while you train your puppy. Short, practical videos help you become the owner your puppy wants you to be.

  • Puppies are learning all the time: I'll show you how to make sure they're learning the 'right' things!
  • How to use science-based techniques – backed up by real-life experience – to supercharge your puppy's desire to listen to you.

  • Why getting rid of the food bowl could be the best training decision you'll make.
  • And how to use rewards so there's no need for punishment.

Modules 3 & 4:
Play School — Putting It Into Practice 
two weeks' worth of daily games & exercises

Put your new training skills into practice building a bond that will last a lifetime,

  • At times it may seem counter-intuitive, but it will all make complete sense as you watch the videos and follow the step by step guides.
  • You'll avoid the tears and frustration many owners experience as training becomes second nature to you and your puppy.
  • Best of all, you'll teach your puppy through fun and games not as a chore to be 'got through'.

Ready for Instant Access to Puppy Home School?

Click here to get started today for just £67

Imagine how you'll feel knowing you're on the right path to a partnership for life!

Unlike classes or a visiting trainer,  "Puppy Home School"is always on hand to help, giving you peace of mind and the confidence to know you're doing it right.

But if you're still in the kennel ... 

Here are some great bonuses, at no additional cost. Buy now and you'll also get:

Bonus #1 Your Puppy Shopping List

Before you bring your puppy home (or to check even if your puppy is already with you) this handy, printable, shopping list will ensure you have everything you need to hand.

Bonus #2 Puppy Daily Schedule

Keeping you on a track and a reminder to mark up when your puppy's toiletted, eaten, slept or played a game. It's especially valuable if a number of family members are sharing responsibility for the puppy so you can be sure nothing is missed.

Bonus #3: Your Play School Planner

Backed up by daily reminders to your in-box. So, whether you strictly follow the games and exercises day-by-day, jump around or leave gaps (sometimes life just takes over) this will keep you on track.

Bonus #4: Facebook Group Community

Membership of our Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share puppy tales, triumphs and disasters and, of course, videos and pictures with other members. I will regularly be running live Q&A spots as well as popping in to the group to comment and answer questions as they arise.

Ready for Instant Access to Puppy Home School?

Click here to get started today for just £67

Here's a reminder of what you're going to get

The complete plan for training your puppy in 14 days, building a lifetime bond, and the basis for your puppy to achieve their full potential, and all without turning your life upside down.

  • Module 1: Pre-School Prep –Preparation – the secrets to building good habits whilst limiting the chaos and still having time for all the fun stuff and plenty of cuddles.
  • Module 2: Training 101 – Understanding – the art and the science (+ a little bit of magic and lots of love).
  • Modules 3 & 4: Play School – Practice – two weeks' worth of daily games and exercises.
  • Bonus 1: Your Puppy Shopping List
  • Bonus 2Puppy Daily Schedule
  • Bonus 3Your Play School Planner
  • Bonus 4Facebook Group Community

The course


Immediate access to the course
All the bonuses listed above

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+ online group coaching


Immediate access to the course
All the bonuses listed above

2 x 1 hour online group coaching sessions with Vicky Carne

Select from available sessions within a month of purchase.
Maximum 4 puppy owners in a group.

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7 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want to show as many new owners as possible how to get the best from their pup from the start. But I understand that an online course may seem like a risk. So, to remove that worry, if for any reason you decide it's not for you, email me within 7 days of purchase and you'll be refunded straightaway. No questions asked. Consider it your 7 day trial completely risk-free.


PS Think of your puppy's brain as a sponge – if you're not filling it with 'good' habits you can be sure bad habits will fill the space! 



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