How to Train Your Puppy in 14 Days Without Turning Your Life Upside Down

Join Puppy Home School, the new programme that's helping owners jumpstart their training — setting in place the foundations for a great family pet and helping their puppies reach their full potential

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Got a new puppy – or about to get one? Are you beginning to realise how much time, energy and patience you’re going to need? 

Puppy Home School has your back. Bite-sized lessons tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it – so you'll know what to prioritise.

During the first few weeks, simple-to-follow daily games and activities ensure you're creating good habits and teaching the basic skills your puppy will need.


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"If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail."

This is so true when it comes to puppy training.
And in Puppy Home School you'll discover how simple it can be if you follow my three-part PUP Plan — designed to leave all the fun in, and take all the stress out of your puppy's first few weeks at home.
My three-part PUP Plan explained:


The first 'P' is for Preparation. In 
Pre-School Prep
 you'll quickly learn how to manage both your puppy and the environment so that you set your puppy up for rapid success.


'U' is for Understanding. In a few short lessons, Training 101 cracks the code on modern training methods, so that you'll know the best ways to train your puppy.


This 'P' is for Practice. In Play School you'll put into practice what you've learnt about training so that you and your puppy's understanding of each other deepens, creating a bond that will last a lifetime.

Course Content – the Details

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Video, Audio & Print-Outs for every lesson
Private Facebook Group | Daily emails for 14 days to keep you on track

Pre-School Prep

Good habits are as hard to break as bad ones

Puppies are impossibly cute (yours in particular) but they also pee and poo a lot, bite anything that looks like it might be fun or just chewy – including you – cry often, and are very demanding of attention.

At the same time, it's important to introduce them to the world, people, other dogs ... Phew ... take a breath.

In this module you'll learn the secret* to building good habits whilst limiting the chaos and still having time for all the fun stuff!

*It's not that secret: you'll soon discover it's a lot to do with managing their environment.

Module 1

  • House Training
  • Your First Night
  • Socialisation
  • Puppies Bite & Chew
    (what to do about it)
  • Crate Training
  • Home Alone

Training 101

The Art & Science
(+ a little bit of magic and lots of love)

I'll be your coach while you train your puppy. These short, practical introductory lessons will help you become the owner your puppy wants you to be!

Puppies, of course, are learning all the time. I'll show you how to tip the balance in favour of the things you want your puppy to learn, helping your puppy make the 'right' choices (... jump up and bark or sit quietly for attention...?)

Module 2

  • Introduction to Training
  • Lure & Reward
    for quick results
  • Get Rid of the Food Bowl!
  • A Dusting of Training Magic

Play School

Watch. Do. Teach.

It’s never too soon to start training. In a few minutes a day, the Play School 14 day* program will show you how to teach your puppy through fun games and activities.

The course is specifically designed to fit into your first few weeks together, when you've quite likely set aside time to settle your puppy, while soaking up all the puppy knowledge you can, as fast as you can, before life takes over again!

And, while you and your puppy train together, you'll be building a bond that will last a lifetime.

Modules 3 & 4

  • The Name Game
  • Pup's First Words
  • Tug & Fetch
  • Coming When Called
  • Walking
  • Find It!
  • Settle Down
  • ... and a lot more!

*of course, you don’t have to do a new lesson every day 

Imagine how you'll feel, knowing you're on the right path to a partnership for life with the four-legged companion of your dreams!

Vicky Carne – The Dog Coach

I've run puppy classes, had many puppies to stay for board and training, and worked one-to-one with hundreds of dogs and their owners.

Before that, I too lived through the ups and downs (and frequent embarrassment) all too familiar to many dog owners.

Finally, with the arrival eleven years ago of Cory, my Labradoodle, and a break from my previous career in publishing and technology, I decided to do something about it! 

I took courses with some of the best teachers of modern dog training methods. And that 'something' became such a passion that I began teaching others. 

Now, with Puppy Home School, I've designed the course I wish I'd had.


What others are saying ...

I used Puppy Home School when I first got my pug puppy and couldn't recommend it enough. It gives a very true insight into the reality of owning and training a puppy. The course is really easy to use ... It's also quite funny which kept it light and made it entertaining as well. Would highly recommend for anyone considering getting a puppy!
Kirsty Chapman & Dotty

Thank goodness I got in contact. Puppy Home School is fantastic. 
I have been using what I have learnt – it's very useful, easy to use, and will be invaluable.
Gareth Langdon & Lakshmi

Vicky understands and loves dogs. Her puppy classes are a must if you ever want to control your dog when it matures.
Tom Mangold & Duchess

Puppy Home School has been a great help in the first early weeks of having a puppy. It is laid out in really clear, digestible sections, and the advice is very sensible and balanced. As a new owner, I didn't know anything about puppy training but Puppy Home School has helped me feel more confident — highly recommended.
Hilary Kirkbride & Rory

As well as being very reassuring, Vicky was incredibly good at communicating her training methods. Simba sits, lies down, doesn’t jump up, comes to the whistle and the voice and is perfectly house-trained. Her training methods work and Simba is a very happy puppy who likes to please.
Santa Montefiore & Simba

Puppy Home School has been really helpful. When listening to your advice, I often found myself thinking 'yes, but what if [insert issue] happens' only to find that you then said 'do this' [solution]!
Jodi Carroll & Ziggy

Puppy Home School is the first online resource to visit when you are getting a new puppy! The course is full of advice and information that will make life with your new puppy easier for a good and positive start.
Raoudha Mairos & Sunny

7 Day Money Back Guarantee
I want to show as many new owners as possible how to get the best from their pup from the start. But I understand that an online course may seem like a risk. So, to remove that worry, if for any reason you decide it's not for you, email me within 7 days of purchase and you'll be refunded straightaway. No questions asked.


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